A signature fine dining brand from The Peerless Inn, Kolkata, AAHELI was founded in 1993. Derived from Arabic word “AAHEL”, AAHELI means “AUTHENTIC”. True to its name, the restaurant serves authentic Bengali cuisine. The restaurant is one of its first, Bengali cultured restaurant in India.


Located at level-1 of the hotel, the cuisine reflects the lost taste of Authentic Bengali dish, serving food from East & West Bengal, cuisine’s served at the household of Bengal’s Zamindari and those that were popularised by the Tagore Family. Through theme based food festivals like Poila Boishak (Bengali New Year), Jamai Sasti, Durga Puja, Poush Parbon, etc one can enjoy exquisite, which is cooked using freshly grind spices.

The style of cooking at Aaheli requires lot of expertise of a chef, from the ability to gauge spice, mix marinades and to judge the heat and marinades to that perfect taste. At Aaheli one can enjoy from a wide spread of a la carte menu and also from a sumptuous thali menu.

The restaurant serves only lunch and dinner.
TIMING : MONDAY to SUNDAY, from 12 noon to 11.30 pm

A unique concept, the restaurant offers sophisticated yet has an ethnic feel to it. The decor of the outlet reflects Bengali culture, folklore & etiquette. The decor comprises of imagery paintings of Bengal’s village life. A centre piece depicting an auspicious plant is a centre of attraction at The Peerless Inn. The flooring at The Peerless Inn, is done of mosaic with different design motif of Bengal art.

Guest at Aaheli are served food in bell metal, which typically reflects how one use to be served at a Bengali household. Tables are laid using mats made of cane which are common in Bengal’s art and craft, an oil lit lamp adds to the charm of the dinner. Napkins that is served to the guest is made of batik print, a print technique done by wax resistant dye. At AAHELI, guest are encouraged to have food with their hand in order to enjoy its true taste.